Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Grote Wedding

Before anyone thinks anything, I don't do weddings yet! Way to stressful... But this summer I was asked to shoot a destination wedding for some of my dearest friends. The bride was my assistant coach when I was coaching volleyball so I thought the least I could do was help her out since that's pretty much what she did for me everyday during season. The wedding was in Allenspark, Colorado, gorgeous... I finally had an opportunity to post just a few of my favorite pics from that wonderful day. Team GROTE & Team OWENS I hope you enjoy the preview.

The next 4 pictures were taken in the Rocky Mountain National Park. There were elk all around so I had to photograph them a little too.


kristyo15 said...

Those pics are AWESOME. I can't wait for you to get down here and use your skills on my kids! Call me when you head this way...I'm really excited!

sarahgrote said...

We are so happy with our wedding pictures. You were able to capture the beauty of the location and occasion. Thank you again from the both of us!