Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Picture Window | dallas childrens photographer

I had a wonderful time visiting my family in Tulsa, OK this past weekend. I especially enjoyed spending time with my 1 yr. old niece Emmy Marie. She is a pistol to say the least. One of her favorite places to sit and play is in front of her big picture window in her living room. She can see everything from that one spot. Dogs playing in the yard, people driving up to visit, big sister playing with friends in the front yard and of course all the pretty birds. We were even lucky enough to see a turtle walking past heading to the pond in the back. Turtles are her favorite so you can only imagine her excitement, also known as screaming, that we all endured. I had to capture a couple of images of this beautiful site so we can cherish them forever. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do...

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kristyo15 said...

LOVE it!

Baby Boy said...

I love the pic! I love how you make the lights so brights that makes an illuminating effect on your subjects. I just love it!